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Hard, soft, super- or ultrasoft - What is the difference?

This is of course a bit sentimental. Why did we not called it soft and hard or hard and supersoft? Both are flexible and soft, so calling the soft version hard will not hit the point.

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To give you an idea of it. You can make a knot with our supersoft Unicorn 2 without a problem, with the soft version this will be not possible, it is just a bit harder, without beeing uncomfortable. Another idea for your mind. The supersoft versions feel more thinner than they really are.

So lets say a diameter of 6.0 centimetre feels like a diameter of 5.0 or 5.5 centimetre. You can press them together a bit more than the soft versions.

If you are not sure which hardness grade to choose, here our suggest. You have right now a toy with a diameter of 5.0 and this one feels fine, so choose here for example 5.5 or 6.0 in supersoft, or 5.0 to 5.5 in soft and you will be happy with it. Lets say in general that the soft versions feel a bit thinner and the supersoft versions feel much thinner than they really are. Beginners better choose supersoft.

For some toys our silicone type ultrasoft is available. Again softer than the supersoft type. Makes the most sense on bigger diameters. See below for some data.

Silicone hardness is declared as shore hardness. Shore hardness 0-10 is called supersoft, 10-25 as soft, 25-40 as hard, 40-60 as really hard and over 60 as xtreme hard. Our soft version is 13, our supersoft version is 0 or 3. If there are any questions left, just drop a line and we will be back to you.

To give you an idea of this: You can press together the biggest diameter down to ( 4.5 / 1.77 - 3.5 / 1.38 - 2.7 / 1.06 ( soft / supersoft / ultrasoft) ( cm / inch )) Measured on our CPL Classic Plug Large.

Some toys are available in our vanilla, orange or lemon flavoured silicone. A pleasing light flavour. You will love it.

All toys are available in up to 12 different colours.

See them here:
Definition of silicone?

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Silicone = chemical more precise poly(organic)siloxane is the description for a group of syntetic polymers, where the atoms of the silicium are connected with each other via the oxygen atoms.

There are plenty of groups, some acid connecting, some adhesionconnecting and some componentconnecting. The acidconnecting silicones you will find in every bathroom and in construction. The other two mentioned groups here, need a second component to connect. In case of the adhesionconnecting silicone, this component is oxygen. The componentconnecting silicones are usually mixed in relation 1:1 base and catalyst. The catalyst contains sometimes platinum, what makes them precious and expensive.

Our standard and particularly our premium silicone is antiallergic, chemically pure without additives. The catalyst is platinum. If you are looking for the specifications, drop a line and we will be back with the informations for you.

Standard or Premium quality - Whats the difference?

You sit down in a car and there are leather seats. Or you sit in a standard, in a premium or in a luxury car, all seats are leather seats. To find a difference will be not a problem for you.

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Our standard silicone you can compare with the leather of the premium car and our premium silicone with the leather from the luxury car.

It is a bit hard to describe. Standard and premium feeling and looking fine, smooth and the surface is like velvet, warm, smooth and opaque, just precious. Nothing in common with a hard plastic surface or something like that.

Our standard silicone is available in hard, soft, supersoft and ultrasoft and in 12 great colours, while our premium silicone is only available in soft and supersoft and only in natural skin, without any color.

If you found once your favourite toy, it will be a good idea to choose the premium quality, cause this one is unique and if you once touch the surface you know why.

Both qualities are great and our standard is probably more than you expect, our premium is just the cream of the crop.
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