Possible options for your 1ATOY

Possible options for your 1ATOY (not all options are useful / possible for each article)

Silicone types:
We currently process four different types of silicone - all are chemically pure - two of them have an ISO 10993-5 / 10993-10 certification, so they are called medical * silicones. We go one step further and have had our end products tested and can therefore offer end products that have been tested and found to be safe according to 10993-5 / 10993-10. This is a test procedure with a great deal of effort and certainly once again a 1A feature for our article.
Depending on the product, the following types of silicone can be selected:
- Standard
- Premium
- Silpuran (10993-5 / 10993-10 tested)
- CPFleshBody (10993-5 / 10993-10 tested)

Different colours:
We distinguish up to 12 different colors that can be used and ordered for the silicone types Standard, Premium and Silpuran - CPFleshBody is only offered in the variant cream / cosmetic - Our colors used are not chemical colors, but chemically pigmented pigments that are the base Silicone should be added in approximately the ratio of 1:70. These colors are opaque and the article is colored throughout

Different grades of hardness:
We offer 4 different degrees of hardness as standard, which are selectable and useful from product to product - the degrees of hardness specified in the so-called Shore hardness (SH) (in the technical area)
- ultrasoft (SH = <0)
- supersoft (SH = 0)
- soft (SH = approx. 15)
- hard (SH = approx. 40)

ULTRASOFT is especially suitable for larger and thicker items - is less suitable for heavily undercut articles, so where the thinnest / strongest diameter differ greatly from each other - this would mean that the thinnest point is very very soft - This should also be avoided for safety reasons (danger of tearing off after damage)
An example: The perfect plug in the size S or M is problem-free and without hesitation in ultrasoft possible - We consider the size XL in ultrasoft as critical, because the smallest and largest diameter vary greatly - In case of doubt, please ask - we advise you here
The same is true, for example, with the option: Recording for strapon / handle - Can be visualized with ultrasoft, but becomes very sensitive and should be handled very carefully - the other degrees of hardness are better suited here
Ultrasoft is softer than Shore hardness 0 and is therefore referred to here as SH <0 and can be compressed with little pressure
SUPERSOFT is our best selling grade (> 60%) and is suitable for almost all items. In supersoft, almost all items are offered, except for the Prinzenzepter - the ideal allround hardness and with almost all options available. Supersoft has Shore hardness SH = 0 and about the strength of human skin. One principle should be: the thicker the article, the softer it can be designed - the thinner the harder it can be
Example: The Prinzenzepter, some only about 7mm thick supersoft in hardness would be just too soft to handle them
Supersoft is SH = 0 and can be compressed with moderate pressure
SOFT is also suitable for most articles, if you like it a bit heavier and harder - especially articles with stronger structures, e.g. Corncobes, already soft in feel, like smooth articles in hard - Soft needs a lot of pressure to be able to compress it and is then more like a strained muscle - ideal is soft for all articles with the recording of e.g. for the handle or for use with the strap-on
Soft is SH = 15 and is suitable for all articles as already mentioned
HARD is basically suitable for all articles, but one should keep in mind that it can only be compressed with considerable effort - For extremely thin articles, such as prince's scepter and Dehner, it is very well suited because the thin articles are given a certain basic strength which is indispensable for easy use. It's also great for use with the Hard Tip option. For consistently thick products, e.g. - The real dildo V - in the size XL or XXL you can of course use it, but the comrades have then rather something of a rubber truncheon
Hard is SH = 40 and without significant effort no longer compressible - goes into the direction of a hard rubber - not as hard as a golf ball, but not much is missing until then
In principle, the thicker the product, the softer the material should be - with the limitations already described

For our standard and premium silicone, we offer most items on request with a subtle scent of vanilla, orange or lemon - in this case, the silicone is added during production a little natural and food-safe aroma oil - So the still liquid silicone is mixed with it, not the finished end product - this is a little more effort, but in this way, the toys have a subtle fragrance that lasts a long time, but with time, slightly weaker. In the beginning, it is clear, but not intrusive or unpleasant - washing off with side or scalding does not disturb the scent, as it is already mentioned in the complete material and not just on the surface - the most popular and for our sense of smell the most pleasant scent is vanilla - but Of course, this is individually different - It can be basically all products provided with it, but it makes eg with the very thin prince secrets not really sense - we were asked more often, so it is on offer. Of course, the two medical silicones Silpuran and CPFleshBody would also be suitable for this, but they are not tested / certified, so we do not offer it - the exam quickly devours a mid-sized four-digit euro amount
Hard tip:
With two products there are standard different degrees of hardness and with many products optional - The - devilish bloom - Satansblüte - is harder at the front than behind and the anal part of the LDP II is also somewhat harder than the vaginal part - Especially long Toys have the Unart that they themselves fast twist / flip - To counteract this, we offer here as an option, the hard tip - which makes it much easier for longer toys to use / introduce - This option depends on the desired degree of hardness - Is the desired hardness utrasoft, then is the top supersoft - is it supersoft, then the tip is soft - is it soft, then the tip is hard - at hard ground hardness hard tip is no longer possible - this is not possible because we have no tougher silicone, which we use can

Highglossy polished surface:
The surface of the 1ATOYS is normally semi-gloss / mikromatt. For many 1ATOYS we offer the option HIGH GLOSS POLISHED - With much effort, the surface is mirror-smooth, which increases Gleitfreudig- and ability - It comes with significantly less lubricant - If you drop a drop of water on the glossy surface, then it will sparkle immediately and completely. The surface looks noble, by no means greasy shiny - In particular, the metallic colors are very good effect. The option is available for all types of silicone and can be selected on many 1ATOYS optional

Prepared for strap-on / handle:
We have a "spigot" in the program, which can be used with a suction cup, the strap-on Ultra Harness or with the handle or the joyrider. In order to find this pin in 1ATOY place, there must be a corresponding recess. This is placed in the production with, by placing a corresponding counterpart there during the casting process. This can not be realized later on. The "pin" is universal and fits all other options, so handle, suction cup, Harness and Joyrider - So that the "pin", or the recess for this can be incorporated into your 1ATOY, of course, there must be sufficient diameter available - Sub 4 centimeters in diameter will be difficult. Difficult, because too sensitive it becomes with the ultrasoft material - Supersoft is fine - Ideal for it is soft or hard - For most products that are possible, this option is offered - otherwise, please just ask
Express production and shipping:
As already mentioned, we need for the production of your personal 1ATOYS about 5-6 working days, depending on the order situation - this is not only quantity-dependent, but also a bit color-dependent - we do not produce every day all colors - If we have made a color, it hangs From the next color on, whether the system must be cleaned in between or not - If you make white, for example, you can then make yellow without cleaning, or mother of pearl, but no red or blue - if you make blue, you can then black or royal blue, but no white or yellow - There are still some examples. Due to many requests, we offer for many products an express manufacturing and delivery service, so your order has priority. The Express Service includes a DHL Express delivery service without additional charge - there means, you pay the normal shipping cost (free shipping from € 150.00) and get your order delivered via DHL Express.

If you have other wishes, just ask - we can do certain things for you, others rather not - We look forward to your request

* Med. Silicone / Medical Silicone:
Medical silicone is understood to mean silicone types that have been tested for their quality / purity in the manufacture of medical devices and that have been classified as harmless. Conversely, this does not necessarily mean that the products made from them must be medical devices - With the introduction of the new Ordinance on Medical Devices (Medical Device Regulation, MDR), the requirements are increased - So far, someone who processed a classified as harmless silicone claim that his product was made of medical grade silicone - Now also the final product, so the silicone molded part itself according to ISO 10993-5 / 10993-10 tested and classified as harmless, so that this statement will continue.
Our products containing the addition of medical grade silicone have been tested and found to be safe according to ISO 10993-5 / 10993-10 - There are also test protocols that we can provide if needed - such tests quickly add up to a mid-range four-digit euro amount - So do not be fooled by statements from some manufacturers and dealers who claim to offer erotic toys "medically tested" or "medical grade silicone". Ask for a written certification of the product according to ISO 10993-5 / 10993-10 - If this can not be presented, these statements are questionable and the provider goes on very thin ice.

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