Customized butt plugs for HIM and HER - because it's all about your sexual desires and preferences. You deserve the best. You choose the shape, color, hardness and silicone quality and, if you want, we can even make the butt plugs smell good for you. They are almost small (or larger on request, of course) unique pieces.

Our guarantee: All 1a anal plugs are made from premium platinum silicone, are hypoallergenic and are manufactured in Germany. We hope you enjoy browsing our online store and if you have any questions about the anal plugs: Contact us!

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Have you just become curious? Want to find out more? Here you can read more about the quality and possibilities of 1atoys butt plugs and how to find the model that's perfect for you!
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Anal plugs - the journey is the reward...

Anal plugs, butt plugs, butt plugs, butt plugs... Many terms, one very clear mission: As a kind of small dildo, it is used to prepare for anal sex, to relax the butt and to get used to it. Sounds a bit too technical now...

Inserting it during foreplay, wearing it during sex, the many small movements and contractions that become more conscious... Anal plugs stimulate one of the most erogenous zones of your body and add another dimension to your sex life. The gentlemen of creation enjoy something special down below: anal plugs stimulate the prostate - the man's P-spot - and ensure a harder and more intense erection. So they spark double the pleasure :-)

Off-the-peg sex toys? Not with us!
... because the limits of what's possible are reached too quickly. Your body is unique, your preferences even more so, which is why we make anal plugs especially for you.

Shape and size
In the online store, you will of course find the classic beginner models in a cone shape with a thickened base - after all, everything should stay reliably in place. But maybe you've already moved into the professional segment and need something more than the small pleasures. Are you ready for special treats? Then let Satan's blossom unfold inside you...

Degree of hardness - from ultra-soft to hard
The softer the anal plugs, the more flexible they are and the more natural they feel inside you; but remember that the super-soft and ultra-soft anal plugs in particular become thinner with use. With the very soft silicone versions, you can definitely choose a model that still seems a little too demanding for you. Read more here about how to find a butt plug in the ideal size and hardness for you at 1atoys. (Hard, soft, super-soft or ultra-soft - what's the difference?)

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating. We will be happy to send you material samples, which we will then offset against your new butt plug. We only use high-quality platinum silicone for the butt plugs, either in standard or premium quality. The anal plugs not only feel soft and velvety, but are also completely anti-allergenic, chemically pure and compatible with the mucous membranes. Last but not least: choose your favorite color and your favorite scent, because - as you know - eyes and nose play an important role during sex.

Questions, wishes and suggestions? That's what we're here for! Just contact us, we'll be happy to advise you!

Your team from 1atoys
Online store for custom-made sex toys