Our dildos are simply different and cannot be compared with others. You have the choice between three different medically pure silicone variants. Two of them are available in 4 degrees of hardness and in up to 12 different colors and with a subtle scent on request. Whatever you decide - our dildos are unique, but certainly not ordinary. Want to know more about dildos?

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Did you know that dildos have a very long tradition? A dildo (probably from the Italian diletto 'delight' from the Latin dilectio (verbal noun from diligere 'to hold in high esteem, to love). 'Replica of the erect penis is a sex toy that usually resembles an erect penis in its classic shape and size. In recent years, however, other materials, shapes and colors have also been offered. Dildos for female customers are often offered in bright colors and imaginative shapes, while male customers often prefer lifelike phallic shapes. The dildo is used for vaginal or anal penetration to stimulate the clitoris and the so-called G-spot in women or the prostate in men during masturbation or for mutual stimulation during sex play. Then have fun with our dildos, because they are unique, but certainly not ordinary
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