Enema  - A special form of anal eroticism - with our special toys made from the best silicone, you can enjoy this type of eroticism to perfection. The toys are hollow inside so that the enema bag can be connected directly when inserted. A matching cap is always included.

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An enema (clyster, clysma, anal lavage) is the introduction of a liquid into the intestine via the anus. The words enema, clyster, French. clistère, ital. clistere, As a synonym, the Greeks used the term ἔνεμα énema, from ἐνίημι eníēmi 'to inject', which has found its way into the English language and is more commonly used today than "clyster". In addition to the treatment, the instrument used for it is also referred to as an enema.

Doctors prescribe enemas to treat constipation and to cleanse the bowel. Different types of enemas are used depending on the requirement for bowel evacuation. The most common form is the simple enema, which results in rapid defecation in cases of acute constipation or before diagnostic procedures in the rectal area. Orthograde bowel irrigations or cleansing enemas are used to cleanse the bowel before colonoscopies or operations in the abdominal cavity. Irrigating or high enemas, siphon or swivel enemas and rectal colonic irrigations are variants. A special form of enema, namely irrigation, is used for enterostomies and fecal incontinence. This technique is comparable to rectal bowel irrigation. Other applications include the lactulose enema for decompensated liver cirrhosis, the resonium enema for hyperkalemia and drug enemas, e.g. for inflammatory ulcerative colitis. The amounts of liquid vary from 120 to 2000 ml

In alternative medicine, colonic irrigation is one of the purging procedures (see also subaqueous colon bath). They are used, for example, to accompany fasting.

Enemas can also be a method of alcohol consumption. Sometimes enemas and clysters are also used for sexual practices of clinical eroticism, clysmaphilia, in preparation for anal intercourse and as "corporal punishment" in the context of BDSM.

With the special toys we have developed, you can have even more fun with enemas and enema games. Have fun, but always make sure that your health comes first. Sometimes less is simply more.