Building a 1ATOY

Building your 1A TOY:


The silicone with the desired grade of hardness is delivered in 5 or 50 kg ( 176 or 1760 oz ) containers. Base and platinum-catalyst in separate containers. Your dildo is right now separated into its components and liquid.


The containers are connected to one of our vacuum mixing and casting equipments. We have at the moment two systems here. One for small mouldings up to 30 centimetre and one for the bigger mouldings. The plant will soak the set amount of the two components through hoses and brings them into the mixing container. Depending on dildo, colors or fragrances are added in liquid form. Under vacuum conditions, the components are then stirred for several minutes, so that the two silicones, and the colors and flavors are optimally mixed. The vacuum cabinet is the most important thing, cause otherwhise millions of smallest bubbles are mixed into the silicone. Your dildo is now in place as  one component, but still liquid.

Vacuum casting cabinet on the right and on the left the heating unit )


When the stirring is finished, the robotic dispenses the desired amount into the moulding, which has previously been placed in the agitator. This is also done in the vacuum so that no air can enter into the silicone. Your dildo is now into its moulding, but still liquid.

Top agitator and supply silicone - on the left the robotics)


After the casting operation, the vacuum chamber is opened and the moulding with the liquid silicone will be removed. Shake and sweat is now announced. The filled moulding is on a vibrating plate, which is located in a heating cabinet. At about 80 degrees Celsius the moulding is shaken and heated for some time, so that the silicone is allowed to cure over time. The vibrating plate can escape the last possible bubbles from the silicone. Your dildo is now almost finished, but still in its moulding.

Special color Royal Blue pearlsheen is poured into the moulding )


The moulding is removed from the heating cabinet and the dildo is carefully removed from its moulding. Small backlogs at the top are removed by hand with a special pair of scissors or special abrasives. Your dildo is dusted with talcum powder and packed and ready for shipping.

Have fun with your 1ATOY from 1ATOYS

Your 1ATOY
1ATOYS are not mass-produced and are usually only made after order for you. There is a reason for that
An example:
Our dildo -The real V- This is available in 7 sizes, 12 colors, 4 degrees, 4 qualities, with 3 fragrances, with a hard tip, with handle, with suction cup and other possible options
Alone that are already around 16,000 possible variants and only from a single article - We have about 150 articles with a total of about 140,000 possible variants
That can not be stored logistically and economically. Therefore, the 1ATOYS, with a few exceptions, only after receipt of the order (on demand) produced for you in your desired configuration - which of course takes longer than if you just take them from the shelf and packaging - from the warehouse can sell anyone who wants to has enough money for shopping and has the right customers for their inventory
We produce your order as fast as possible - Nevertheless, we need, depending on the order situation, up to 6 working days to produce your 1ATOY and bring it on the way for you. Due to many requests in the past there is an express service for your order. For a moderate surcharge, your order has priority and will be made immediately for you and then sent as a DHL Express package. Certainly such an absolutely unique service, as you are used to from us - 1ATOYS - 1ASERVICE
Finished merchandise, such as the material samples, the stainless steel items and some other things go naturally faster and are usually sent directly on the next working day
The options (see options) just take a while - another color or a hard tip are easy to integrate into the production process, while other options, such as a hard tip or handle / strap-on, are a manual one Require intervention
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