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The unknown erogenous zone - Whether woman or man, many people are aroused at or in the urethra. For women in particular, this is of course also due to the fact that the clitoris is located in the immediate vicinity. However, this underestimated and often ignored erogenous zone can be perfectly incorporated into lovemaking and you don't have to be into BDSM for that.

Our guarantee: All our urethral toys are made of pure platinum silicone or V4A stainless steel in Germany. If you have any questions about urethral toys: Contact us here!

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Our urethral dilators and prince sceptres are ideal for careful stretching and, depending on the model, can also be worn for longer periods. The prince sceptres are designed so that, once inserted, they hold by themselves and do not slide out. This is achieved by the olives, which sit behind the glans muscle in men and are slightly thicker than the shaft of the prince sceptre.

Of course, these sex toys should be used very carefully and cautiously. The length should be adapted to the length of the penis when it is not erect. We have 4 different lengths on offer so that everyone is sure to find the length they want. The diameter should be chosen so that the sceptre, lubricated, can be inserted easily and naturally without pain, and overcoming the olive should be noticeable but by no means painful. Pain during insertion should be avoided at all costs and almost always indicates that the diameter has been chosen too large. Sometimes less is more. It's about fun and stimulation, not about achieving records. In addition, a suitable lubricant should always be used, not too sparingly, so that the urethra is not damaged.

The insertion of non-sterile objects into the bladder should be avoided at all costs! Our Dehner and Prinzen sceptres can be sterilized and autoclaved, but of course very few people have the technical means to do so. However, meticulous cleanliness is essential for erotic play on and in the urethra.

Why play on or in the urethra?
As already mentioned, the urethra is clearly an erogenous zone and represents a very sensitive part of the human body. The male urethra is surrounded by erectile tissue called corpus spongiosum. The same applies to the urethra in women. This also borders directly on the clitoris and stimulation can be perceived as very arousing and can often lead to orgasm or intensify it, together with clitoral stimulation. Due to its pleasurable potential, the opening of the urethra is also known as the urethral point. With our urethral dilators made of medical silicone or stainless steel, you can stimulate both the male and female urethra with pleasure. The short version of our prince sceptres are also suitable for the female urethra because they are short enough not to reach the bladder.

The aim of the game
The urethra can be stimulated alone or in partnership. In BDSM, the dominatrix or nurse likes to stimulate the urethra of the slave or patient. However, this so-called sounding does not have to be limited to the BDSM area. Mutual urethral stimulation in partnership can also be very gentle and careful.

For both men and women, the urethra can be stimulated by gentle stretching and/or vibration. Our Power Mini Vibrator, for example, is perfect for this. The vibrations are transmitted to the erectile tissue of the urethra in both men and women and are often perceived as very intense and pleasurable. While the vibrations of the vibrator can reach the prostate in men, they are immediately felt by women on the clitoris.

Manual stimulation
Normally, only the front part of the urethra is stimulated manually. Our urethral dilators are conical, so that the part with the largest diameter is always effective right there. Our prince sceptres are available in four different lengths and four different strengths, so that everyone can find the right one for them. As already mentioned, less is usually more.

Hollow or closed?
Our prince sceptres are available in 4 lengths and 4 different diameters and you can also get them hollow in the middle, at least the sizes M - L - XL. Please note that a hollow princess sceptre in size M feels about 3mm hollow in the middle like a closed one in size S. So if you get on well and enjoyably with a closed one, you can use the next size up in hollow.

The hollow centered versions can also be worn during urination, intercourse or orgasm. A condom should be used during anal intercourse so that the inserted prince sceptre does not suddenly disappear into your partner's bowel. Stimulation with the fingers below the glans is particularly pleasurable when the prince sceptre is inserted and an orgasm is induced, for example, and the ejaculate shoots through the hollow sceptre. The same applies to fans of water sports games. There are no limits to the imagination.