The ring around the penis and/or the scrotum, also known as a penis ring, testicle ring or cock ring, is made from various materials. These rings are used to strengthen and/or prolong the erection. To do this, the penis ring is placed over the penis up to the root or under the scrotum when it is not erect. When the erection starts, a partial blood congestion is provoked and the erection is felt to be firm. The veins on the penis stand out clearly.

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Caution when buying

When buying cock rings, you should always reject those that can no longer be opened, as this can often lead to a painful permanent erection and nobody wants to tell the emergency doctor to please remove the cock ring. Equally annoying and dangerous are those that have a locking mechanism that cannot be opened quickly.

Cock rings that are too big (annoying) or too small (dangerous) are annoying and possibly dangerous. Some do not have the desired effect and others cause pain and worse if they are worn for too long.
So it has to be the right size. Tight, but not too tight.

The rings must not be too thick or too thin. Not too thin, because otherwise they can cut into the skin, and not too thick, because otherwise they can cause discomfort.

The material must be the right one. Preferably flexible or, if not flexible, then really made to measure. If flexible, then please make sure it is harmless to health, otherwise there may be rashes and/or allergic reactions. If flexible, then as flexible as necessary and as tight as possible.

Ideally, the ring closure of the cockring should be able to be opened within seconds, the same of course applies when closing it, even if it is not so important but sometimes annoying.

Our Ultimate Cockring
We have our ultimate cockring (FREE with every order, by the way) which combines several advantages.

infinitely adjustable in size - from soft to hard, just right for everyone
5mm diameter prevents cutting and does not interfere with wearing
Food-safe silicone tube is ideal for a cockring
Panic closure for instant opening if necessary
Ends secured against slipping through by means of caps and special inserts
One piece FREE with every order - so just try it out and have fun

How to wear the ring
You can wear the Ultimate Cockring either just around the base of the penis or together with the testicles for an even tighter effect. Often two pieces are used at the same time, one that encloses the testicles and penis and a second that additionally encloses the already bulging scrotum.
It is also interesting to shorten the cock ring so that it is worn behind the glans. On request, we can also supply it in the desired length so that it can be used in this way.
For example, if you insert one of our silicone prince sceptres, hollow or closed - see category Urethra & Co - into the urethra, you can fix it perfectly behind the glans with the cockring. There are no limits to your imagination

In our special items category, we have the same rings, only much longer for wearing around the female breast. They are also perfect for this.
Have fun with it