Our Affiliate Terms and Conditions

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Our Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Conditions Affiliate / Partner

§ 1 General:
(1) For the partner program on www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net www.1ATOYS.NET and its contractors, the shop system SKYLEX LTD. For all partnership agreements only apply to the following terms and conditions.

The parties to the SKYLEX LTD are hereinafter referred to as affiliates.
(2) Any other terms and conditions of the affiliates will be rejected.
(3) The partner program aims to link the website www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net on the respective websites of affiliates. The intention of the visitors to the websites of affiliates
Range of www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net be made aware. Unless a visitor to the website of the affiliate links shown to get to the website within 10 days and there www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net includes an effective purchasing contract, the affiliate will be compensated.

§ 2 Conclusion:
(1) The contract comes after registration of the affiliates out of the acceptance by SKYLEX LTD. The assumption made by the activation of the affiliates for the affiliate program. The Activation is done by sending an e-mail with the access to the affiliate account.

§ 3 Application:
(1) Each participant has to register under www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net through one application. When registering, the participant must truthfully his name, even in societies specify the representation of beneficiaries, and postal address, phone, fax, and email address.

§ 4 Remuneration:
(1) By the affiliate program for affiliates incurred no costs.
(2) pays the affiliates SKYLEX GMBH under the so-called "pay per sale" compensation for any effective purchase contract within 10 days of after the buyer click on the ad
closed at the affiliate, to www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net is and who is demonstrably come on the link on the website of the affiliate established (cookie duration 10 days). The amount
the remuneration is calculated in percentage as a function of net selling price of the purchase contract on www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net mediated. The individual remuneration of graduations to the affiliates for their registration in the affiliate account can be viewed and selected. The selection of the promotional material is available free to affiliates.

§ 5 Payment of remuneration:
(1) The payment of compensation to the affiliates made 30 days after the effective purchase contract automatically www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net to an affiliate to be named by the bank or on the PayPal account, if the balance reaches an amount of € 100.00. PayPal credits may be a charge by PayPal. For transfers in Germany and the European Union is no charge. International money transfers are carried out of a fee of € 10.00 per transfer exclusively to the euro During.
(2) If the customer cancels its contract closed on www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net, terminates or otherwise ineffective this is, or becomes, the affiliate gets no compensation.

§ 6 Logging and rating:
(1) All of the available advertising funds generated clicks and purchases are included in the statistics of www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net and recorded.
(2) For the proper dissemination and integration of the referrer / HTML code of the affiliate is solely responsible.
(3) provided by www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net HTML codes for images, links, text, banners, etc. may not be altered by the Affiliates, provided that it is done by www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net no consent. The permit may be issued upon request by e-mail. In cases of changes www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net is entitled to declare the dismissal and to levy a penalty.
(4) The affiliate may use the below par 4 and another of www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net materials made available only to the extent approved by www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net expressly in writing. May continue to be removed from use of the images no copyright notices and www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net is explicitly mentioned as the source.

(5) The duty of provisioning the affiliate is only when the customer has fulfilled his obligation to pay in full SKYLEX LTD.

§ 7 Penalty:
(1) If the partners are trying, through the manipulation of statistics and thus the influence of the SKYLEX GMBH amounts to be paid, a penalty of EUR 10,000.00 plus VAT agreed.

§ 8 Contract Termination / Cancellation:
(1) The termination of this contract is in writing by either party, be explained by a period of 30 days. To comply with the written form to send the termination notice by e-mail to info@1ATOYS.NET
(2) The right of extraordinary termination for cause pursuant to § 314 BGB remains unaffected. An important reason for the extraordinary termination is for the SKYLEX GMBH in particular the attempt on the part of a technical manipulation Affiliates dar.

§ 9 Technical deficiencies:
(1) www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net guarantees the availability of the service by 99% in the monthly average. Within this period, the accounting of www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net is guaranteed.
(2) www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net for deliberate attacks by third parties (hackers, computer viruses, DOS attacks, etc.) on its servers and on the Internet is not responsible.

§ 10 Unacceptable content:
(1) Not allowed to send unsolicited e-mail advertising (spam), the use of misleading links and providing false e-mail addresses, names or dates.
(2) www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net not reviewed the contents of the partner sites and is not responsible for this. The participant has www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net from all damages resulting from breach of this duty www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net indemnify.
(3) www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net is entitled for breach of contractual duty to immediate termination of the contract.
(4) is entitled www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net certain websites of partners from participating in the Affiliate excluded.
(5) Excluded from the Affiliate Websites without principle, all valid Contacts, websites with illegal content, the left-and right-wing websites and glorify violence.

§ 11 Disclaimer:
(1) Claims of Affiliates are excluded unless otherwise specified below. The above disclaimer also applies to the legal representatives and agents of the provider, if the customer claims against these claims.
(2) of the specific liability under Section 1 except for claims for damages because of injury to life, limb, health, and claims for damages from the breach of contract. Material contractual obligations are those whose performance to achieve the objective of the contract is necessary. Of
The disclaimer is also excluded the liability for damages caused by an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty of the provider, his legal representatives or agents.

§ 12 Privacy Policy:
(1) The data are stored by the affiliates www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net for contract management and communication within the partner program. They are used only as part of the contract and passed on to third parties or used for promotional purposes.

§ 13 Choice of Law and Jurisdiction:
(1) The contractual relationship between the supplier and the customer shall be the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
(2) The venue for any disputes arising from the contractual relationship between the customer and the provider is the seat of the provider, if it is the customer is a businessman, a legal entity under public law or a public sector fund. Otherwise, if legally permissible.

§ 14 Writing:
(1) notices to www.1atoysshop.1atoys.net and changes to the contract must be in writing (e-mail) or general writing (letter)

§ 15 Severability:
(1) If any provision of these Terms is invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions.