Winning contest

Hello dear 1ATOYS customers
What else can you create out of silicone, if you don't want to make toys out of it?
Most of you probably think primarily of medical implants, and only a few of artwork.
Really nice pictures can be realized with silicone if you have some phantasie and know
how to handle the liquid silicone for it.

From mid of 2023 we will be giving away an original by our managing director Thomas.
The artworks, silicone on canvas are each 40 x 60 centimeters in size and, a unique original.
All orders of each month take part in the competition - The winners will be notified by email
and the shipping is free for the winner. 

The current artworks will be presented in our newsletter
Below is an example for you

We wish you good luck

"Bizarre insect" Silicone on canvas - 60 x 40 cm from 10/2021 - Price for August 2023

"Red Lips" Silicone on canvas - 60 x 40 cm from November 2022 - Price for July 2023 

"Whale abstract" Silicone on canvas - 60 x 40 cm from Mai 2023